What We Do


Children are typically seen for one-hour initial assessment.  Parental concerns and expectations are discussed.  Formal standardised assessments are used whenever possible, and results are compared with informal assessment- such as a child’s typical language sample during play.  Results and recommendations are discussed with the parents or caregivers.

Children are generally assessed in the areas of:

  • Receptive language
  • Expressive language
  • Speech development
  • Other specific areas of concern (such as fluency or literacy skills) can be separately assessed.

Individual Therapy:

Individualised intervention plans are designed which focus on realistic, functional, and achievable goals that aim to improve a child’s ability to communicate.

Home/ Kindy/ School Visits:

In these busy days, some parents are not able to take their children to a therapy clinic.  Upon request, the child can be seen in his own home, or at a kindy/school setting.

Written Reports:

Upon request, detailed written reports are available.